Why choose SCL for your PCB supply from thousands of web-accessible manufacturers? Referrals always mitigate risk and if new to our company we can provide you with client contact details. You can choose from our client-list which is disclosed during a company presentation (any other disclosure format is prohibited under client NDA). The following is an overview of our service and specifically in relation to procurement:

  • Quotation service and Sales support: A highly individualized service, supported by ERP software. Our quotation system evaluates available capacity and ensures the technology required is within our capability portfolio.
  • Order status and expediting: Our software supports 'real-time' order status and if required, accurate post order accelerated delivery forecasting
  • Order types / options: Kanban, just in time, buffer stock, scheduled drops
  • Rapid turnaround: from 24 hours to dispatch across mainland Europe, including production volumes (NOTE: PCB technology and QA release constraints impact dispatch times)
  • Negotiation and Cost: We are open to cost negotiation, early payment discounts and rebate agreements (for corporate groups or  SME supply agreements). If this is something you would like to explore further please let me know:  David Wyllie, Sales Manager

Related information:

  • Confidentiality / Security: In addition to Non-Disclosure Agreements, any information exchange is entirely confidential. We have clients in secure markets requiring employees to be vetted and cleared: please download our security policy under 'admin' for further detail.
  • Quality: formal approvals
  • Technology: We are an industry-leader providing all and including 'advanced technologies'.  
  • Experience: Over 40 years operating in the high reliability and secure products market

CONTACT: Sales & Customer Support +44 (0) 1438 761 811:   

Technical Q & A: Application Engineering

R.O.W: Regional Representation


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