In a global marketplace the pressure to be competitive has resulted in the rapid growth of PCB brokering, and a reduction of western PCB manufacturers. Altruistically global distribution of wealth is a good thing, but history has shown this is difficult to achieve without someone somewhere suffering. Through our affiliation with techUK, SCL take a holistic approach, and active role in working with the government to support UK manufacture, but also address issues such as overseas employee exploitation through government policies, law, and best practice. SCL has audited many offshore companies and our chosen partners operate with professional integrity and regulate humanity* and environmental policies. SCL partner companies also reflect our own technological capabilities, so can provide in volume not only simple, but also complex PCBs, including RF and embedded technologies.

*consistent with those of the United Nations global labor standards

This established service provides:

  • 'Cradle to Grave' production, UK prototype, UK pre-production, UK ramp-up and mid - volume production, seamless migration offshore for mass - volume production

Offshore risk mitigation through:

  • UK dedicated project management
  • UK QA and site audits of partners
  • UK engineering to ensure tooling, capability and technology seamless migration
  • UK support manufacture in the event of long-delays due to customs or logistics
  • Offshore supply of both simple and complex PCBs to accommodate volume or pricing requirements

We provide not only a competitive price, but project manage your tooling, technology, quality and logistics to mitigate risk of failure.


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