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Stevenage Circuits continues to invest

Stevenage Circuits Purchase ITC Vacuum Resin Filling System

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In support of the Stevenage Circuits growth plan a new role is created

Offshore Supply Chain Manager Appointed

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In support of our continued growth Stevenage Circuits have a number of vacancies

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Environment Certification ISO:14001 2015

Stevenage Circuits have been granted new certification

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Valued Service

Our consultancy, solutions and services provide innovation, creativity and add value.

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World Class supplier of Printed Circuits

Advanced capability circuit board manufacturer

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ESI Laser

HDI capability greatly enhanced

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  • Rigid & Multi Layer PCBs

    Rigid & Multi Layer PCBs

    Rigid printed circuit boards are used in all but the simplest electronic products. Deliveries range from 24 hours through to standard production circa 20 days.

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  • Flex & Flex Rigid PCBs

    Flex & Flex Rigid PCBs

    Flexible circuits (also variously referred to as flex circuits, FPC's and flexi-circuits) have been used for interconnecting electronic devices since the 1950s.It is now one of the most important interconnection technologies in use for the manufacture of many of today's most advanced electronic products.

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  • Microwave & RF PCBs

    Microwave & RF PCBs

    As digital applications have continued to gain in speed, some of the general-purpose PCB materials typically selected for fabricating those circuits, such as FR-4, fall short in performance for various reasons. The PCB parameters that can be used for guidelines when choosing circuit materials for high-speed digital applications include Dk, dissipation, loss, and even dielectric thickness. The dielectric constant, Dk, of a PCB material has long been a guiding parameter for both analog and digital circuits since it is so closely related to the impedance of the circuits that will be fabricated on that material.

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  • HDI PCBs

    HDI PCBs

    As consumer demands change, so must technology. By using HDI technology, designers now have the ability to place more components on both sides of the PCB.

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  • R&D PCBs

    New products and processes are constantly being developed for the ultra advanced technology requirements.

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  • Engineering & Products

    Engineering & Products

    Engineering and Technology driven we look to add value and reduce costs without compromise to quality or functionality, we have extensive knowledge and experience in all types of Printed Circuit Technology and also offer a “fast turn-around service” for proto-types and pre-production volumes.

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Stevenage Circuits

Stevenage Circuits: Established in 1971 are a World Class supplier of all types of Printed circuit technology. Our capability ranges from single and double sided PTH rigid PCB's through multilayer rigids up to 44 layers and onto flexi (FPC) and flexi-rigid using a variety of materials. We also specialise in manufacturing RF and High frequency (Microwave) PCB's of all designs and structures.

Latest News

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Stevenage Circuits Purchase ITC Vacuum Resin Filling System


Stevenage Circuits have installed a hole (resin) filling system from ITC Intercircuit GmbH to meet the increasing demand for the filling of micro-vias, blind vias and small diameter or high aspect ratio through holes.

The system comprises a THP35 Double Chamber Plugging machine with a new patented type of vacuum filling head enabling double sided filling of blind and through holes in one step. A new PD 50 Wet Planariser completes the system to grind surplus hole filler and/or copper material after the filling process whilst avoiding heat and stress build up within the manufacturing panel. The complete hole filling…

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Stevenage Circuits are proud to sponsor the Leonardo MW Ltd. Charity Golf Day


Stevenage Circuits Ltd were proud to have sponsored the opening hole and nearest the pin on the 11th for the Leonardo MW Ltd, Basildon Charity Golf Day held at the Boyce Hill Golf & Country Club in Benfleet. With thirteen 4 man teams taking part covering the complete supply chain to Leonardo MW Ltd. over £4,000 was raised which will be shared between the following charities: 

  • Guide Dogs for the Blind
  • Help for Heroes
  • Muscular Dystrophy