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Test & Approvals

Electrical Test Units Minimum Technical
Continuity / Isolation Volts 10 500
  Amps 3.3mA 3.3mA
Resistance Testing Units Range Tolerance
  Ohms 0-1 +/-2%
Capacitance Testing Units Range Tolerance
  pf - µf 0.1 - 400 +/-5%


Controlled Impedance Standard Advanced Technical
TDR Tolerance (Ohms) 10% 7% 5%
Advanced is reduced yield, Technical is for development.


Planar Resistors Standard Advanced Technical
Resistance Tolerance 25 - 1000 Ohms/sq 15% 10% 5%


AS9100 Certificate Number: FM 53484
ISO 14001 Certificate Number: EMS557384
IPC-A-600 certified trainer Certificate Number: 600-T 8210
IPC-6012, 6013, 6016 class 2 and 3 Manufacture / test in accordance with
BS EN ISO 9001:2008 Certificate Number: FM 53484
SC 21 Signatory - Implementation 2011
NADCAP In Procress - Implementation 2012
UL V0 rating File Number E107779


Supported Materials
3M C-Ply Taconic PTFE
Arlon FR4, Polyimide, PTFE Ventec FR4, Polyimide
Dupont Flex Polyimides Henkel Epoxy Bond Plys
Grace FR4 Hitachi FR4
Nippon Steel CC Polyimide, LCP Iteq FR4
Rogers Corp PTFE, PET, Peek, Butadiene Nelco FR4, Polyimide
Stablcor Carbon Fibre Composite Neltec PTFE