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State of The Art Ink Jet Printing On Both Rigid and Flex PCBs

Story posted 17/05/2013

We are pleased to announce the recent delivery and installation of our new Orbotech Sprint 120 ink jet legend printing machine. In addition to increasing our overall manufacturing productivity within our solder-mask department the Sprint 120 offers the following capabilities;
• Direct network link and data output available from our Genesis 2000 CAM enabling instant access to data files. Ideal for the ultra-fast printing of prototype panels to further enhance our fast turn-a-round manufacturing capability (every hour saved counts).
• Capable of printing at 1040 DPI with character sizes of less than 0.5mm, and line widths of 100um. Most popular 2D bar coding and data matrixes can be accurately printed in seconds.
• We are one of the first manufacturers to approve the use of the latest generation of ink from Tayio, this being the IJR-4000 FW100 variant that has been specifically designed for printing upon coverlay clad flexible panels with excellent adhesion properties. The ink has been approved and tested to IPC-TM-650 standards for adhesion and hardness testing and this includes use for dynamic applications. The ink can also be used for printing rigid panels with the absolute minimum of ink bleed.
• As with our original ink jet printing machine boards can be individually serialised in ink together with manufacturing test coupons thus maintaining full traceability throughout the manufacturing process.

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