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Stevenage Extends its Copper Filled Micro-via Plating Capability for High Reliability HDI Products

Story posted 09/10/2012

SCL are pleased to announce the installation and commissioning of 10 additional plating cells using the latest inert anode technology for the plating of copper filled micro-vias. This addition to our production facility takes our total number of plating cells to 14 and enables a throughput capability not matched elsewhere within the UK.

This investment and response has been driven by the need for increased speed, portability and wiring density, the interconnect pitch on semiconductor packages and corresponding High Density interconnect (HDI) substrates continue to shrink. The combination of filled blind micro-vias and multi-level build up technology provides a means to achieve the required routing densities. With the rapid growth of this technology, the use of electrodeposited copper for the reliable filling of micro-vias has become widely adopted principle for modern circuit design. Copper filled micro-vias can offer the following benefits;

• Miniaturisation by enabling “via in pad” situations.
• Increased reliability of solder joints by minimising the potential for solder voids beneath component footprints.
• Reduce the potential for re-work following the population process.
• Improved thermal dynamics by dissipating heat through the multiple filled copper junctions.
• Enables stacked micro-vias within ultra-dense designs.
• Capable of meeting both today’s & tomorrow’s technology requirements. Micro-vias can be reliably filled up to 125um diameter.

Please contact our Technical department for additional details.

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